Unity Days Strengthen Friendships Before Classes Begin

By Aboubacar Okeke-Diagne

Each year, students at The Governor’s Academy start school with two days of spirited bonding activities with members of their graduating class. The Unity Days program helps students reconnect with classmates after a long summer or make new friends, an important experience for every high schooler. Since student interactions are a key part of life at Governor’s, we appreciate the importance of bonding before classes, afternoon programs, and student organizations begin for the academic year.

It was a chance for freshmen to become familiar with the school during the weekend.  The two-day experience for the class of 2014 included a campus tour and opportunity for students, with printed schedules in hand, to locate their classes. They also went to Newburyport for a scavenger hunt. The neighboring town is a fun place to hang out on weekends . Kate Duval and Eddie Holmes talked about enjoying the occasion,

“The best activity was when we went to Newburyport to have dinner on the lawn. That was very helpful in meeting people. I got to know like 10 people and now I’m friends with them.”

The weekend was also very successful in helping older pupils, new transfer students and returners alike. The junior class worked on community service projects together. On Saturday students helped to clean part of the beach on Plum Island. New junior, Grant Cullinan, commented on his experiences Sunday and how he enjoyed helping to cook while meeting members of his class.

“Students from KIPP Academy came for a field day. I was making burgers all day, I smelled like burgers, it was fun.”

The senior class participated in an overnight trip to Brentwood, NH for camping. Students partake in a challenging hike where they took an all grade photo at the top to celebrate their success. Senior members on the Student Government, helped to organize games and activities for the weekend, along with helping the teachers to pick cabins for the students. Senior Class President Ali Grenier commented on how the unity days program helped her classmates reform a positive unit.

“Unity days this year was a lot different than it has been in the past. Being away from our usual surroundings and being taken out of our comfort zone was an important aspect. We learned to be selfless and treat each other with respect in a slightly different way. This new feeling and aspect to unity days was important for our senior class and a key to how it was so effective. It was a great way to start off our year and I were all lucky to be a part of it.”


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