“Brain Feast” Replenishes Students After a Long Day

By Aboubacar Okeke-Diagne

There are moments in dorm life when students feel they are not living in a residential hall, but in a huge house with one wacky family (the way most people feel while they are at home, anyway).  These moments come from every source imaginable.  In the Perkins Dorm, it comes in the form of “Brain Feast,” spearheaded by science teacher, Mr. John Banister Marx.

“Brain Feasts” are opportunities for students to hang out in the common room after study hall for snacks and conversation.  It’s a perfect time to replenish our brains after a long day of classes, athletics and activities. We crowd around the T.V. often watching It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia or a late Celtics game, and other times we simply listen to Mr. Banister Marx’s tales from college days while he prepares the snacks. Regular items on the menu include fresh bread with olive oil, crackers, cheese, and chips. On hotter days, Mango smoothes are blended.

Perkins Dorm usually hosts these “Brain Feasts” on Wednesdays and some weekends. For the weekend events, students are encouraged to bring friends, a date, or day students who are enjoying a weekend on campus. After the food is served, many students bring out guitars and spend the evening singing and playing. Many other dorms hold McDonald’s or Courtyard (Newburyport Roast Beef Sandwich shop) runs. Students during study hall place an order for food and then the dorm parent makes a quick trip in order to obtain the food.


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