Opinion: How the College Board Inspires Suspense at Bargain Rates

By Aboubacar Okeke – Diagne

On Saturday, Oct. 9, hundreds of thousands of American teenagers, including the students at The Governor’s Academy, will take the SAT, college admissions test.

The wizards at the College Board have figured out how to on a much cheaper budget than anybody else ever, hold the future of graduating seniors in a trance of fear and make money in the process. Let us compare the SAT’s to the FIFA World Cup. For an American to have attended the matches it would have cost almost $5,000 to buy plane tickets, hotel rooms, and game passes. The event certainly holds the world on edge for a few days, but the cost is not cheap. However for about $50 a student, the Board will keep us on the edge of our seats for a few weeks.  They have convinced us that our scores on the exam will matter so much for our future thanks to the College Admissions process. The better the school the better the job, the more money you will make. Somehow we are all scared straight to the books. And on Saturday we will all pick up our pencils and write for three hours and forty-five minutes in fear. But Saturday will not be the end of this scheme as the next three weeks will be full of suspense until students can log on to see their scores and learn of their fate.


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