Students Find Voice through Chapel Talks

By Aboubacar Okeke – Diagne

The opportunity to deliver a speech in front of the entire student body at Governor’s becomes a significant event for many of our students. Every Wednesday morning, a member of the community who has requested the stage, is given 15 minutes in the Mosey Chapel to speak about any chosen topic. Though there is no religious affiliation with these talks there are often lessons learned and inspiration shared. The speeches vary with each individual but they all strike a personal chord in such a way that the audience often laughs and cries in the same short morning assembly.

The journey starts with a simple e-mail to the academy president to express interest in making a chapel speech. Once receiving a confirmation date, students then begin the challenging path of figuring out what they would like to say to their classmates. Most of the people who chose to speak are seniors, so they are drawing upon four years of experience at the academy. Most choose to talk about a defining life moment. Often times speeches are inspirational to convey the importance of students, especially younger ones, to relax and enjoy their short time at school.

It is common for students to make claims that they have nothing profound to say at Chapel. But as the school year begins to accelerate and students realize they’ll never again have the chance to speak to their peers using such a unique outlet, they sign up for a date and wait for inspiration to come. Chapel Talks are perhaps even more important for these types of people because the talk itself becomes a defining moment. Inspiration often strikes the night before, during study hours, when they magically realize they have so much to say. Then they are forced to figure out exactly what they are going to tell people in the morning.
Once the speech is drafted and ready to go, the entire academy finds out a different and defining perspective on an event or an opinion that allows everybody to think a little be differently for the day.


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