Curtain Closes on this Year’s Chinese Exchange Program

By Yaomin Pan

On October 8, the Chinese exchange students and their teacher boarded a flight back to China, which closed the curtain of the two-week exchange program. Despite the trip’s brevity, all of our Chinese friends enjoyed and spoke highly of the curriculum and extended activities The Governor’s Academy has to offer.

Most of the time during the trip, the four Chinese exchange students and their teacher visited different classes according to their own interests. Isabella loved Ceramics; Charlene was more interested in biology; Shero thought that the Psychology class was great while Olivia enjoyed Chemistry and Music the most. Jenny, their English teacher, was of course fascinated the most by the English classes.

Although they shared different flavors of courses, all the exchange students considered the meal service “awesome.” “scrumptious” and “better than the Pu Dong School’s.” This might help shut the mouths of those who murmur at the food of Govs.

Another factor that made the exchange program succeed was the students and faculties’ goodwill. Isabella and Jenny made a special mention of the “friendly communication” and “greeting” they experienced when they were exploring the campus. Moreover, they especially admired the friendly and equal interaction between students and teachers.

The night before they left, our Chinese friends wanted to say thank you for our “generosity and kindness” and “helpful guidance” through the school blog. To return a salute, let us wish them a safe trip home and a gorgeous senior year!


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