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Relive ISL Rivalries through “February Faceoff”

The Academy seeks the help of young alumni (class of 2000-2010) in a new competition between ISL schools. If you want to relive your high school rivalries and if you want to help the Academy win first place, this is the competition for you. To learn more, visit our website at

Happy Holidays! See you in January.


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Fall Sports Wrap-up

By Joe Uglietto ’11

The Governor’s Academy recently closed out the 2010 fall season and presented team awards for exemplary performances during the year. A recap of each team’s record and award winners is included below:

 Football (4-4)

The varsity football team had a great season led by captains Clark McMahon ‘11, James Gomes ‘11, Gianni Frattaroli ‘11, and John Durkin ‘11. They played several great contests against tough opponents and their losses were all close, exciting games.  The Governors had big wins over Thayer, St. Mark’s, Brooks, and Milton. They return many starters next year and are losing only seven seniors. 

MVP: John Durkin ‘11
Coaches Award: AJ Enchill ‘12
4 Year Letter Winner: Gianni Frattaroli ‘11

John Durkin ‘11
Gianni Frattaroli ‘11
Eli Morrissey ‘13
Ryan Macri ‘13

All-ISL Honorable Mention:
Joe Uglietto ‘11
Sam Davis ‘12
Todd Moores ‘12
Kirk Ryder ‘12

Boys Soccer (0-14-1)

The boys vasity soccer team had a tough season this year with a young line-up. The highlight of the season was a 1-1 tie against a very strong Milton team. They return skilled players and we wish them luck next season.

MVP: Nick Baxter ‘12, Cort Wadman ‘11
Navins Trophy: Reed Kennedy ‘11

Senior All-Star Game: Cort Wadman ‘11

All-ISL Honorable Mention:
Cort Wadman ‘11
Greg Conrad ‘12

Girls Soccer (5-5-5)

The girl’s soccer squad had a strong season finishing 5-5-5. They made the New England Tournament and fought hard but lost a tough 4-2 game against Wilbraham and Monson Academy. They return a host of players next year and expect to continue the strong winning tradition of Governor’s girl’s soccer.

MVP: Ashley Blanks ‘11
Coaches Award: Sarah Weichselbaum ‘11

All ISL:
Ashley Blanks ‘11

All-ISL Honorable Mention:
Siobhan McDonough ‘13
Taylor York ‘11

Boys Cross Country (6-10)

The boys cross country team finished with a record of 6-10. They were a very young team this year and finishing 6th of 14 at the New England Championships was a great way to finish the season. The team also finished 10th of 16 at the ISL Championship.  They will be stronger than ever next year.

MVP: Grant O’Brien ’12 and Bobby Haran ‘11
Captains:  Grant O’Brien ’12 and Cole Forbes ‘11

Girls Cross Country (7-7)

The girls cross country team finished the season with a 7-7 record. They finished 8th of 13 at the ISL Championships and 5th of 13 at the New England Championships. Senior Alanna McDonough paced the team all season and was voted All New England.

MVP: Alanna McDonough ‘11
Coaches Award:  Kelly Callahan ‘13
4 Year Letter Winner: Kayla Jenson ‘11

Alanna McDonough ‘11

All-New England:
Alanna McDonough ‘11

ISL All-Star:
Alanna McDonough

Field Hockey (6-9-1)

The girls field hockey team finished with a record of 6-9-1 this season. With many seniors leading the way they had big wins against Andover, St. George’s and Brooks. The team graduated five seniors who won letters for four straight years, but underclassmen gained valuable playing time and will be prepared to lead the team next season.

MVP: Kate Leary ‘11
Coaches Award: Hannah Rochman ‘11
4 Year Letter Winners:
Jill Conway ‘11
Konnar Johnson ‘11
Kate Leary ‘11
Hannah Rochman ‘11
Chrissy Toomey ‘11

All-ISL: Jill Conway ‘11

All-ISL Honorable Mention:
Kate Leary ‘11
Chrissy Toomey ‘11

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Behind the Break

By Michelle Gallipeau ’11The days are getting shorter and colder but everyone knows what that means… BREAK! As Govs gets ready for the holiday break, I myself wanted to fresh up on the holidays celebrated in different religions and cultures. Here are a few:


Bodhi Day

December 8th – Day of Enlightenment, celebrating the day that the historical Buddha (Shakyamuni or Siddhartha Guatama) experienced enlightenment (also known as Bodhi).



-Christmas is a holiday that commemorates Jesus’ birth.
-Epiphany is twelve days after Christmas, on January sixth. It remembers the visit of three wise men to the infant Jesus in Bethlehem.



-December 1st – December 8th
-Series of lighting candles over nights (Menorah)
-Traditions à eating latkes, gold wrapped chocolate coins called gelt, playing dreidel



Each year, Muslims spend a month in daytime fasting, during the 9th month of the Islamic calendar called Ramadan.


Each year during the 12th month of the Islamic calendar, millions of Muslims make an annual pilgrimage to Mecca, Saudi Arabia called Hajj.


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Holiday Word Search

By Victoria Caruso ’11

Need a break from studying? Try our Holiday Word Search.
Answers will be published next week.

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You Voted…Here are the Results

By Claire Lilly ’11 and Ali Grenier ’11

Should Mr. Gerry shave his beard?

After taking a poll consisting of 100 students (also including a few faculty members) we found that 55% of the Govs community say the beard should go. Don’t worry Mr. Gerry, not everyone can work it!


45% said keep
55% said shave it please

We’ll have to see what Mr. Gerry thinks…

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Govs ‘Horror-Scopes’ – 12/12-12/18

By Stormy Barbara ’11 and Kayla Jenson ’11

GOVS ‘Horror-Scopes’

December 12 – 18, 2010

ARIES(March 21- April 19) The cards lie against you and the stars show that one of your exams may not turn out the way you hope. Keep your head up, perhaps Santa will forget his coal in the North Pole.

TAURUS(April 20- May 20) Lucky you, someone has the eyes for you this week. Too bad your best friend might get there first. Keep on the lookout for an unfavorable situation.

GEMINI (May 21- June 20) Something has gone missing in your life recently, but do not fret, it will be found when you least expect it. Don’t go looking for it though, that never works out in your favor.

CANCER(June 21- July 22) Watch your back during Gingerbread making in the dining hall, someone might have it out for you and your gingerbread man.

LEO(July 23- August 22) The itch in your throat may be more than you think. I would head to a doctor before things get much worse.

VIRGO(August 23- September 22) Are you seeing things and having odd nightmares that you hope will not come true? This recently diagnosed phenomenon is sweeping Americans all over the country. It is suggested to eat 7 gummy worms before bed and sleep with socks on your hands.

LIBRA(September 23- October 22) Watch out, someone might be trying to play a prank on you. Sticky things have been found on the snacks in your room. Steer clear of all unknown food.

SCORPIO(October 23- November 21) They say it is okay to gain a few pounds over the holiday season; some words of wisdom, don’t take that too lightly.

SAGITTARIUS(November 22- December 21) Your luck might come around and you just might get cast in a Hollywood film. Too bad they are on the search for ogres.

CAPRICORN(December 22- January 19) Beware, you have been eating too much pasta and scientists have recently found that this leads to the loss of toe nails.

AQUARIUS(January 20- February 18) Stay away from being found alone during your free block. Voldemort is on the loose.

PISCES(February 19- March 20) The fish sticks have your tummy in knots. You should consider low fat tofu instead. Maybe it will help you stay away from the holiday gain as well.

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Two-part Convocation Elicits Passionate Response from Community

By Katie Reilly ’11

Since my freshman year, convocations have provided opportunities to learn more about life beyond Byfield. There are some that have remained the most memorable (Katie Koestner’s “Probable, possible, already happened” line caught on for a while) and some that have been informative (This year’s “The Thin Line” performance provided us with a new perspective on eating disorders.) But last week’s convocation stood out among dozens of others. With the DREAM Act vote taking place, the topic was perfectly-timed and highly relevant. The two part convocation made it more interesting as we were able to hear two sides of one issue from people who each had personal experiences with immigration. The speakers evoked a reaction that rarely results from other convocations. Students were more interested in the political topic, asking questions to the speakers and updating Facebook statuses with their thoughts and opinions.

Beyond the speakers, the members of the school community made the convocation even more impactful. I have a feeling that, had the convocation taken place at another school, the speaking might have sounded more like preaching to a group of people who couldn’t relate. However, because the Govs community includes students and faculty members who have personal experiences with immigration, the presentations were more meaningful. Classmates and teachers asked questions and provided comments about their own experiences that made the convocation relevant on a small scale as well. The Govs community is composed of people with unique backgrounds, interests and political affiliations. Last week’s convocation made it clear how much that can add to education, both in and out of the classroom.

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