Govs ‘Horror-Scopes’ – 12/12-12/18

By Stormy Barbara ’11 and Kayla Jenson ’11

GOVS ‘Horror-Scopes’

December 12 – 18, 2010

ARIES(March 21- April 19) The cards lie against you and the stars show that one of your exams may not turn out the way you hope. Keep your head up, perhaps Santa will forget his coal in the North Pole.

TAURUS(April 20- May 20) Lucky you, someone has the eyes for you this week. Too bad your best friend might get there first. Keep on the lookout for an unfavorable situation.

GEMINI (May 21- June 20) Something has gone missing in your life recently, but do not fret, it will be found when you least expect it. Don’t go looking for it though, that never works out in your favor.

CANCER(June 21- July 22) Watch your back during Gingerbread making in the dining hall, someone might have it out for you and your gingerbread man.

LEO(July 23- August 22) The itch in your throat may be more than you think. I would head to a doctor before things get much worse.

VIRGO(August 23- September 22) Are you seeing things and having odd nightmares that you hope will not come true? This recently diagnosed phenomenon is sweeping Americans all over the country. It is suggested to eat 7 gummy worms before bed and sleep with socks on your hands.

LIBRA(September 23- October 22) Watch out, someone might be trying to play a prank on you. Sticky things have been found on the snacks in your room. Steer clear of all unknown food.

SCORPIO(October 23- November 21) They say it is okay to gain a few pounds over the holiday season; some words of wisdom, don’t take that too lightly.

SAGITTARIUS(November 22- December 21) Your luck might come around and you just might get cast in a Hollywood film. Too bad they are on the search for ogres.

CAPRICORN(December 22- January 19) Beware, you have been eating too much pasta and scientists have recently found that this leads to the loss of toe nails.

AQUARIUS(January 20- February 18) Stay away from being found alone during your free block. Voldemort is on the loose.

PISCES(February 19- March 20) The fish sticks have your tummy in knots. You should consider low fat tofu instead. Maybe it will help you stay away from the holiday gain as well.


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