Two-part Convocation Elicits Passionate Response from Community

By Katie Reilly ’11

Since my freshman year, convocations have provided opportunities to learn more about life beyond Byfield. There are some that have remained the most memorable (Katie Koestner’s “Probable, possible, already happened” line caught on for a while) and some that have been informative (This year’s “The Thin Line” performance provided us with a new perspective on eating disorders.) But last week’s convocation stood out among dozens of others. With the DREAM Act vote taking place, the topic was perfectly-timed and highly relevant. The two part convocation made it more interesting as we were able to hear two sides of one issue from people who each had personal experiences with immigration. The speakers evoked a reaction that rarely results from other convocations. Students were more interested in the political topic, asking questions to the speakers and updating Facebook statuses with their thoughts and opinions.

Beyond the speakers, the members of the school community made the convocation even more impactful. I have a feeling that, had the convocation taken place at another school, the speaking might have sounded more like preaching to a group of people who couldn’t relate. However, because the Govs community includes students and faculty members who have personal experiences with immigration, the presentations were more meaningful. Classmates and teachers asked questions and provided comments about their own experiences that made the convocation relevant on a small scale as well. The Govs community is composed of people with unique backgrounds, interests and political affiliations. Last week’s convocation made it clear how much that can add to education, both in and out of the classroom.


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