Web Updates, January 2011

New Mash-Up Design

Visit our Mash-up page by clicking “Multimedia” on the homepage. This is our one-stop click for social media pages including Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and our blog!

New Short-cuts for Site Pages

Now you can enter direct URLs into your browser for our most visited pages on the web! For example, type in www.thegovernorsacademy.org/athletics to view our Athletics page, www.thegovernorsacademy.org/academics to view Academics and so on.

New ‘Dumm’r Facts’

We have laced our site with interesting facts about the Academy. For example, did you know that the very first basketball game was played in 1902 against Amesbury? Click to see this fact online.  Do you know an interesting fact about the Academy? E-mail it to communicationsoffice@govsacademy.org!

New Company Profile on LinkedIn

We recently created a company profile! Already on LinkedIn? Edit your company information by retyping [The Governor’s Academy] into the text field. As you type, our name will show up in a drop down menu. Simply click & save and you will be added to our network! Not on LinkedIn? Click here:

The Governor's Academy on LinkedIn

Happy New Year!

~Communications Department


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  1. Jeremy Devaney

    PS – there is also a Gov’s Alumni group…search for Governor Dummer Academy/Governor’s Academy Alumni in the groups section of linkedin.com

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