Snow Day in a Boarding School

By Karen Gold, P’11, English, Dorm Parent, Coach

As news of the impending blizzard spread on Tuesday, the buzz on campus was, “Will there be a snow day? Will there? Huh? Do you know? Please let there be a snow day…” This from faculty and students alike! Suddenly, we were all meteorologists, advising Mr. Doggett just how bad this storm was going to be. I even forwarded to him an email alert, “Weather Service warns of blizzard for Eastern Massachusetts.” I added, “….just in case you haven’t heard….” In case you don’t know, Marty is not a big fan of snow days.

Fast forward to 10 pm on Tuesday evening. The boys in Ingham dormitory began receiving the automated response on their cell phones, “This is Marty Doggett………” announcing that Wednesday would in fact be a snow day. The boys began whooping and yelling, running up and down the halls. The joy! The ecstasy! It was the 2001 Super Bowl and the 2004 World Series all wrapped up in one. Even my black lab Annie barked in celebration.

Wait, haven’t we only been back from Winter Holiday a week? That’s only five days of classes! My husband watched in amazement, “All this for a snow day?”

Why the celebrating? A late sleep. A day of play. No practices, no games. The rink will be open, there will be movies in the PAC, sledding by the rink, hot chocolate available in the dining room. We don’t have many unscheduled days here, days to just hang out and play. Classes, meetings, rehearsals, practices and games don’t leave much free time. By tomorrow, I’m sure we’ll be back to normal, but for today, I’m going sledding!


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