Being the mother of a senior is a funny thing

By Karen Gold, P’11, English, Dorm Parent, Coach

Being the mother of a senior is a funny thing. Not that I’m counting or anything, but Jeremy will become a college student seven months from today……….to be exact. As he can attest, every day I seem to remember something I’ve forgotten to tell him. From laundry tips: “You do know to separate the whites from the darks, right?” to how to drive through a car wash to my version of Life Skills: “It’s a good idea to memorize your Social Security number…….” suddenly, there’s a sense of urgency to figure out what I haven’t taught him, what life lessons I haven’t conveyed. And just as I recorded and measured every milestone his first year of life: first steps, first words, first haircut……….I am now beginning to mark every last of his final year of high school: last “first day of school”, last holiday concert, last semester…………….

Of course, his response now is very different from when he was a toddler. His first steps were towards me; now he can’t wait to jump in the car and drive………..away. The little boy who would call out, “Mama, are you watching?” now holds opinions and beliefs that have little to do with me or my approval. A colleague once remarked that the best years he has had have been the ones in which his children were students here. Certainly, that has been true for me. Sharing the life of the community with Jeremy has been ………well, fun. Although I can’t remember the last time he sat with us at dinner, I love being able to discuss a convocation, a class, a Morning Meeting video, and I know I will miss his company and conversation next year.

And so the countdown begins for the seniors…….and for the mammas.


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