The write stuff

By Eloise Willemsen ’11

This fall The Governor’s Academy entered the Boston Globe Scholastic Writing Awards for the first time. For many years our students have gotten wonderful recognition in the Boston Globe Scholastic Art Awards and for the first time we were able to translate that to writing. Our students’ achievement in the realm of writing is statistically impressive, especially considering that this is the first year Governor’s students have submitted written work to the contest.

Twelve students submitted work, and seven won awards, which places our success rate at more than 50%!  Two of the winners are freshmen this year which is very exciting for our department, and the future of the humanities at Governor’s. The 12 students submitted 22 works, with 10 of those works winning awards!  Not too shabby. One student, Andrew Coleburn ‘12, garnered four awards for his submissions: a Gold Key; two Silver Key; an honorable mention.

Gold Key:  Andrew Coleburn ‘12, Performers, Un-Chosen Destiny (poetry); Silver Key: Andrew Coleburn ‘12, The Devil Wields a Hammer (personal essay/memoir); Silver Key: Andrew Coleburn ’12, Getting Lost in the Pages (short story); Silver Key: Eloise Willemsen ’11, Lace on a Long White Dress; Hair; Perkins Playground (poetry);  Honorable Mention: Jaicey Bang ’13, The Four Questions of Almo (short story); Honorable Mention: Andrew Coleburn ’12, Solitude, Grab a Match (poetry); Honorable Mention: Christine Lee ’12, Petite Lilac (short story); Honorable Mention: Tessabella Magliochetti Cammarata, Sparkle (poetry); Honorable Mention: Christina Merullo ’14, Stone Wall (short story); Honorable Mention: Galaxie Story ’12, Letter to My Mother (personal essay/memoir)

Lauren Bougioukas ‘13, Myles Badger ‘13, Colby King ‘14, and Katie Reilly ’11 also submitted work. 

The Globe contest is part of a nationwide contest.  For more information, visit the Alliance for Young Writers and Artists at:


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