One last Parents Weekend

By Katie Reilly ’11

Parents Weekend. It’s the day when parents follow students to classes, to lunch and to games; the day when the really great food appears in the dining hall; and the day when families experience a role reversal as the students babysit the parents for once.

After four years, this will be my last parents weekend and, for me, it marks the first of the “lasts.” Soon, it will be the last winter musical, the last museum day, the last Founder’s Day re-enactment and the last March break, many of which are minor events that I probably overlooked during the past couple of years. Now, they don’t seem as minor.

Our teachers have been saying it all year long, warning that there comes a point every year (right around this time) when seniors become more nostalgic. I’d say that this blog post is a testament to the fact that, having accurately recognized an annual pattern, they know what they’re talking about.

Maybe it’s the fact that, even though many of us are still awaiting admissions decisions, college applications have been submitted, a symbolic sign that we’re moving on. Maybe it’s because the commencement committee has already begun to plan the festivities for that long-awaited weekend. Or maybe it’s simply because March break is fast-approaching and everyone knows how quickly summer arrives once spring has sprung. Whatever the reason, I have started to notice more of what I’ll miss about Govs and, as I said, parents’ weekend marks the beginning.

As parents arrive on campus, an interesting dynamic will take shape. Parents of freshmen will experience classes for the first time, taking everything in with excessive interest. Parents of sophomores and juniors will exude the confidence they’ve acquired, already pros at the parent’s weekend process. And senior parents will continue to add to the “list of lasts” that they, apparently, started months ago.

At the very least, parents weekend provides students with a day off from school. Even more than that, it offers an opportunity for both parents and students to regroup and reflect, taking a much-needed pause from busy schedules.

With that, here’s to a great Parents Weekend.


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