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Our new friends from South Africa

The Governor’s Academy will welcome three visitors from the African Leadership Academy tomorrow, March 25, 2011, and introduce them to the community at Friday Morning Meeting in the PAC.   Imen Haddad will be staying in Nannie B with Govs sophomore girls, while Daniel Mahatlane will be lodging with the boys of Eames.  Mr. Divine Kangami, faculty chaperone, will be staying in Mansion House.  While they are here, our South African friends will be participating in all activites, including attending classes and enjoying weekend fun.  They will also travel to Boston to visit the Freedom Trail and the Museum of Science, among other sites; and tour top universities like Harvard and MIT.  Stay tuned for more news about our visitors, including interview, photos and videos of Imen and Daniel, and information from Elizabeth Bogart and Cam Means who just spent two weeks at ALA as part of the Academy’s global exchange program.  Welcome!


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Countdown to commencement

It’s the first day back from Spring Break ’11 and that means it’s the “official” start of senior spring!  Senior spring begins the countdown to commencement for the Class of 2011, who will graduate on Sunday, May 29.  Among the senior perks that arrive after break are greater access to the Student Center during evening study hall, the ability for some students to forego a class and complete an independent study project, the Patriots Day Sox game at Fenway, senior prank, and cookouts on the quad, which are open to the entire school community.  This weekend kicks off the spring sports season and soon the campus will be in full spring bloom, followed by AP exams, the spring play, concert, Guild and Art Show, the formal, Capstone and senior week, alumni and senior/faculty dinners, Baccalaureate and High Tea, Morse Flag, senior awards and senior concert, senior breakfast at Mansion House, Commencement, and then … jumping the wall.  Phew.

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Commodores and spiders and bears (oh my)!

With college admissions decisions looming in the not-so-distant future, a group of Govs students are in the enviable position of NOT having to wait ’till April after earning admittance to top schools as part of the early decision (E.D.) process.  Unlike Early Action (E.A.) programs, which typically offer students non-binding spots, E.D. candidates are expected to enroll at a college or university if they are admitted.  The impressive list of E.D. schools to which Governor’s students have been admitted is included below:

Bates College (2)

Boston College

Bowdoin College

Bucknell University

Colgate University

Connecticut College (2)

Cornell University

Dickinson College

Franklin and Marshall College (2)

College of the Holy Cross

Lehigh University

Middlebury College

Muhlenberg College

Penn State University

University of Richmond

Trinity College

Union College

Vanderbilt University (2)

Wake Forest University

Washington University

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Ferriero propels NU to Hockey East semifinals

Cody Ferriero ’10, a freshman at Northeastern University, scored the opening goal in Sunday’s Hockey East quarterfinal contest against rival Boston University, as the Huskies upset the Terriers and advanced to the Hockey East semifinals on Friday, March 18. NU will face top-seeded Boston College at 5pm at Boston Garden (technically TD Garden, but who really calls it that?); UNH and Merrimack will play at 8pm. Ferriero’s brother Benn graduated from Governor’s in 2005; Nathan is a member of the Govs Class of 2013.

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Why we love Govs

Govs recently created a series of videos of students and faculty, talking about why they love the Academy and why newly-accepted students should attend Govs in the fall.  Check out a video clip of senior class president Ali ’11 below.  To link to all the videos, visit:

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Govs set to welcome new students

It’s March 9, which means that new students will learn if they’ve been accepted to The Governor’s Academy tomorrow. For those of you who applied online, you can login here ( and get your decision letter after 1 a.m. EST on March 10. You’ll need the same username and password that you used throughout the online application process. New students are encouraged to check out the Govs website ( for all sorts of new information, including video interviews with students and faculty, links to Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, the latest issue of The Governor student newspaper, blogs, invitations to Revisit Days in April, and much more.  Welcome to Govs!

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Who is John Hancock?

As many people may know, The Governor’s Academy was mentioned in a question on Jeopardy in February.  Brandon gave the correct answer — John Hancock — and added $1200 to his total.  In fact, Brandon later overtook spunky Kate in Final Jeopardy by knowing that the Phoenix equipment was used to extract the Chilean miners (of course). You can watch the episode on YouTube below.  If you’re impatient, fast forward to the 5:30 mark; Govs makes an appearance soon after.

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