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Sherman’s surf report: April 25

By Sam Sherman ’11


 Last week we had leftovers from the weekend storm, with fun surf throughout Monday and a small wave Tuesday on the right tides. A minor windswell filled in Wednesday and cleaned up for Thursday with knee to thigh high waves. A storm kicked up some waves Saturday, cleaning up overnight for a fun waist to chest south swell that faded throughout the day.


This week we have small leftovers in the water for today, and a south swell starts to build Tuesday to clean up for late Thursday and Friday, with leftovers for Saturday. This swell should build to slightly overhead for the peak waves of the swell Thursday night (High: 8:59am; Low: 3:29pm) and Friday morning (High: 9:49am; Low: 4:13pm).

**All tides are for Hampton Harbor, NH.


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The tweet craze

By Nora Kline ’11

My initial decision to join twitter in the summer of 2010 was based on a fairly superficial reason.  I simply wanted to know what reality stars like the Kardashian sisters and the cast of Jersey Shore were up to in their “normal” lives.  I wanted to be wowed by their insightful “tweets” and awed by their glamorous mobile uploads.  I spent day after day continuously checking my blackberry to see if any of my stars had breaking news or jaw dropping advice.

But as this April rolled around I started getting mysteriously exciting emails saying that “so and so” is following me on twitter.  Huh?  My twitter account had been active for over eight months and I had only accumulated four followers – two of which, were family members.  Overly self-conscious of my lack of twitter popularity, every twitter notification caused a rush of excitement.  As my number of followers uncharacteristically started to creep up, I came to the conclusion that Govs had been hit by a twitter epidemic.

After ten or so months of “tweeting,” I not only see names like Kim Kardashian and Sn00ki on my twitter feed but also names of my classmates and friends.  Twitter has gone from my celebrity stalking device to a social forum of familiar faces.  So why the sudden tweeting craze?  Twitter is famous for “humanizing” celebrities and making their dedicated followers feel as if they have a window into their personal lives.  When I see that Taylor Swift just tweeted that she is window shopping in downtown Nashville or just finished two loads of laundry, I feel a friendly, and maybe somewhat creepy, connection to her.  I do not view her as the chart topping country sensation that she’s famous for.  I see her as a regular person doing regular things.

And so it seems that when “normal” people like Govs students create twitter accounts it has the opposite effect.  When I see my friends tweeting, it almost makes them seem like celebrities.  Underneath John Mayer’s tweet there is a tweet from the boy I sit next to in English class or the girl I used to carpool with.  My twitter feed is an intermingled web of distant idols, close friends, and everything in between.

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Six weeks, but who’s counting?

By Karen Gold

Why is it that when you want time to slow down, it seems to speed up?  Yesterday I got to join the senior class and some wonderful colleagues for Senior Skip Day at Fenway Park.  Every year, Billy Alfond ’67, an alum and a trustee, provides tickets to the Senior Class for a game on Patriots Day.  Yesterday was sunny, we caught glimpses of the Boston Marathon AND the Sox trounced Toronto!  What more could we ask for? 

The seniors were euphoric in the bleachers.  They took pictures, they sang, they cheered on the Sox, and they bought lots and lots of food.  The last time I attended Senior Skip Day Jeremy was in fourth grade; there must have been “extra” tickets that year because I was able to bring him along to watch the Sox beat the Yankees.  In the spirit of full disclosure, he also learned a lot of “new words” as the fans were particularly raucous that day fighting the Evil Empire. The seniors that day seemed so grown up compared to the little boy sitting next to me.

So yesterday as he grinned for the camera, joined in “the wave”  and spent $28.50  on chicken fingers, a hot dog, a coke and an ice cream, I found myself capturing the moment and wishing, really wishing, that time would slow down just a little.

Karen Gold teaches English and ESL, is a dorm parent in Ingham, directs the community service program, and will watch her son Jeremy ’11 graduate from Govs in a few short weeks.

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AP: Annoyed and penniless

By Nora Kline ’11

Senior spring has officially sprung and many students are sentimentally counting down the days until graduation.  The majority of us have been reminiscing about our fond memories of the Academy, and the people we are all going to miss.  Nothing is better than grabbing a pint of Ben and Jerry’s and sitting outside overlooking the Sager Bowl.  But what do we do when we realize that we cannot purchase those critical ice cream pints because our smart card accounts are mysteriously in debt?  Well, thank you AP exams, you have successfully placed quite the damper on senior spring!

Mandatory at the Academy, AP exams are the pinnacle of a nuisance.  Cashing in a whopping $87 per test, the College Board thrives off of schools like ours.  Many of my friends and I, who take three AP classes, are forced to pay $261 to sit in the hockey rink lobby for a grand total of about 10 hours.   Administrators and teachers face these AP complaints frequently and always reply with the same mundane and easily refutable answers.  The first one is that the AP experience and commitment can just not be completed without taking the exam at the end of the year.  But prestigious schools like St. John’s Prep and Phillips Andover do not require their students to take these tests so why should we?  I thought one of the “purposes” of the Academy was to teach students to begin to appreciate and perhaps even love learning for the sake of knowledge.  So how is forcing a student to take an AP test on a subject that he/she does not care about conducive to that theory?  Students should take these exams because they want to show their mastery and enthusiasm for the subject’s material.  But because we as teenagers like to rebel against authority forcing us to obey and because these exams have no impact on our final grade in the class, a handful of students use those three or some hours during the test to take a nap. 

But here comes my favorite line that teachers frequently blurt out in frustration.  “No one made you take this class!”  Oh, really?  So all of those hours spent in the college counseling office and at the kitchen table being told that we would not get into college without taking AP Calculus or AP English were just mild suggestions?  …right.  Let’s face it.  No one takes multiple AP classes for the fun of it.  We are all simply competing against each other to produce the most impressive and challenging transcript. 

Yes, I certainly acknowledge that a lot of colleges reward credit for certain levels of performances on these tests.  But I believe that we are old enough to decide if we want those credited hours.  We have heard stories of seniors sleeping through their AP exams because they wanted to take that entry-level class freshmen year in college and get an A … a waste of $87, huh?

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Sherman’s surf report: April 11

By Sam Sherman ’11

Forecast (week of 4/11)

This week we have a few possibilities of swell. Today (Tuesday) we have leftovers from a weak windswell in the water, with knee to thigh waves, occasional waist with the right tides. Wednesday an E/SE swell fills in for Thursday, when the winds should swing offshore and clean things up. This weekend is looking to have some fun waves as a front blows through.

The Word

Summer’s coming quick and so are the flat spells, so get your wave time in. While the North Atlantic calms down, the South Pacific lights up, so if you’re thinking surf trips, Central America’s never a bad bet. Costa Rica turns on and with a lot of other activity, it’s a great family friendly spot, too. If you want more waves and less dudes, do some research and try El Salvador, Nica, or Panama, which dish out pumping surf during the Northern Hemisphere summers.

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Perkins mound snow longer there

The Perkins snow mound, which many feared would never melt, met its demise at 12:39:14 a.m. on Wednesday, April 12, or so declared the team of “experts” we know as Mr. Searles and Chris Robinson.  The Perkins snow mound first caught the attention of the campus community in January, after weeks of relentless snow pummeled the Govs campus.  On February 10, Mr. Searles and Chris launched the “Great Boredom Relief Contest/Snow Melt Target and encouraged students, faculty and staff to guess when the mound would melt.  By early April, the mound had shrunk to a messy pile of snow, dirt and leaves (see photo).  And yesterday’s 70 degree weather eliminated the pile for good.

The winner of the contest, Mr. Wotton, won a $20 gift certificate from the bookstore.  But let’s be honest, getting rid of the final batch of snow after this long winter is a win for us all!

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Top 10 List: Why you should attend Govs (the hungry remix)

Here are 10 reasons why we (Nora ’11 and Taylor ’11) think YOU should come to Govs!

1. Make your own cupcake day… yum.

2. Taco tuesday… hope you like mexican.

3. Rodeo burger day… yeeeeehaaaawwww.

4. Pints of Ben & Jerry’s icecream in the student center… enough said.

5. Stir fry… line cutting is forbidden.

6. Exam packs… filled with chips, candy, and love.

7. Bread bar day… eat as many carbs as you can.

8. Chicken finger day… make sure you binge.

9. Pizza and wings… get some extra napkins boys.

10. The community.

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