Senior spring (or senior slide?), here we come …

By Nora Kline ’11

It’s official! The flip-flops have finally made their appearance.  Although this week had temperatures in the 40’s, Govs students did not hesitate to pull their flip-flops out as soon as that thermometer nearly crept to 50.  So as the weather begins to brighten up (let’s ignore the fact that it is going to snow Friday), so do the students’ spirits… well, almost.  This week marks the end of the third quarter, and of course that means we are strangled with papers, tests, and projects.  And from a point of view of a student who got into college early decision, this week is best described as obnoxious. 

We can finally see our senior year 4th quarter (a.k.a. the infamous senior spring) right around the corner, but it seems as if our teachers are putting up some blockades in our path.   Although everyone knows that motivation for seniors is at an all time low, expectations seem to be at an overly ambitious high.  Now, I am no advocate for the senior slide… but I do not thing it is practical to expect high performance levels from seniors when everyday this week we either had multiple tests to study for or a paper to write.  Might I add that college acceptance letters were also released this week, making the majority of seniors especially stressed and emotional.  But before I get into the notorious “us versus them” “student against teacher” debate, let’s address the imminent arrival of senior spring. 

Flip-flops, mid-calves, and cookouts all do a pretty nice job of summing up springtime at Governors.  And for seniors, every second of sun is sure to be soaked up.  As soon as teachers realize that academically motivating the seniors is a lost cause, the students seem to bond the most.  Whether it is through watching a lacrosse game on the turf or eating lunch outside Phillips, it is clear that the seniors come together the most in the spring.  So although this last week of 3rd quarter seems never ending, senior spring is sure to be worth the wait.


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