Jeans for Japan

By Lauren LaBrique ’12

In the wake of the tsunami and 9.2 earthquake in Japan, Govs students have sprung into action.  With students from our own community hailing from Japan, the cause became personal.  So, as teenagers, what could we do to make a difference?  On Friday we had a jeans day!! Teachers, librarians, and all other faculty, staff, and students clad themselves in every wash of denim …for five dollars.  Why the big fuss over jeans?  We have a dress code at Govs and aren’t allowed to wear jeans during the school day.  Jeans days provide a vacation from khakis, skirts or black pants, and support a number of good causes throughout the academic year.

The money raised went to provide the simplest of comforts, socks, to those living in devastation.  Though they may seem like a minuscule item, for those suddenly without a home, or even a change of clothes, socks are a welcome comfort they would otherwise not have time to seek out.  Thanks to the kindness of the Govs community, the victims got their socks and we got our jeans day.  Our thoughts are still with you, Japan!!


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