Surf’s up

While most students are hitting the snooze bar and grabbing five more minutes of sleep, Govs senior Sam Sherman is regularly up before the birds, trolling the icy waters of the Atlantic Ocean.  Sam, you see, is a surfer, and an east coast one at that.  And while surfing conjures up images of sunny California or the ginormous swells off Australia’s gold coast, east coast surfing means wetsuits, jagged coastlines and unpredictable weather. 

Throughout the spring, Sam will share an inside look at surfing throughout New England, including the scoop on his hometown of Rye, NH, which boasts some of the top surfing in the east.  The seasoned Sherman will scour the weather reports, check the tides, and know where to find the best waves.  Check out Sam’s report weekly on the Governor’s blog ( a preview is included below). 

Last week:

Early last week was quiet, with a new weather system pushing in Thursday night and setting up for Friday. Friday evening cleaned up with moderate offshore winds on head-high to slightly overhead sets. This faded overnight as west winds picked up and waist-high drops were left for Saturday morning at more exposed spots.

Outlook (week of April 4, 2011):

South swell builds Monday and into Tuesday with only small scale surf expected for northern Mass and NH Tuesday, though select spots in Maine could see some fun waves with the right tides. There is also a possibility of another small dose of waves for the weekend and early next week.


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