Perkins mound snow longer there

The Perkins snow mound, which many feared would never melt, met its demise at 12:39:14 a.m. on Wednesday, April 12, or so declared the team of “experts” we know as Mr. Searles and Chris Robinson.  The Perkins snow mound first caught the attention of the campus community in January, after weeks of relentless snow pummeled the Govs campus.  On February 10, Mr. Searles and Chris launched the “Great Boredom Relief Contest/Snow Melt Target and encouraged students, faculty and staff to guess when the mound would melt.  By early April, the mound had shrunk to a messy pile of snow, dirt and leaves (see photo).  And yesterday’s 70 degree weather eliminated the pile for good.

The winner of the contest, Mr. Wotton, won a $20 gift certificate from the bookstore.  But let’s be honest, getting rid of the final batch of snow after this long winter is a win for us all!


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