Jumping the wall

One of the coolest traditions at The Governor’s Academy is the wall jump at Commencement, when the newly minted graduates run down a grassy path lined with faculty members and hurl themselves over a stone wall in back of Mansion House.  They jump in pairs, in groups, or solo, usually at breakneck speed or, at the very least, an urgent pace.  Some easily clear the perennials, while others stomp the irises as they fall; it really doesn’t matter.  The crowds cheer for every athletic leap, clumsy hop or bloody tumble onto the macadam (yes, that happens now and then). Graduates of the Class of 2011 were remarkably creative, strolling about with water guns, performing choreographed dances, and tossing LeBron James talcum powder in the air, for example.  But Ben Jenkins ’11 was the star attraction, executing an aerial flip with a half-twisting something or other, to the delight of the attentive audience.  Congratulations Class of 2011 … may you always land on your feet. 


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