Hollywood East

Much has been made lately about Boston becoming the “Hollywood of the East,” with a large number of popular and critically acclaimed movies being filmed in Beantown and the surrounding areas.  Think The Departed, The Fighter, The Town, Shutter Island, Mystic River, or Fever Pitch (okay, the last film is a stretch, but any movie with “Tessie” on the soundtrack deserves a mention).

So perhaps it was only a matter of time before Byfield got in on the action.

The first mainstream lacrosse film, Crooked Arrows, is being filmed at The Governor’s Academy this Thursday, Friday and Saturday, August 4-6.  The film, a classic sports underdog tale, features a mixed-blood Native American, Joe Logan (Brandon Routh from Superman Returns), who returns home in hopes of convincing his Tribal Chairman father to modernize the reservation.  Instead, Joe is asked to coach a ragtag group of lacrosse players and rediscover his spirit.  The Native American players compete against the players of the elite Prep School League and, you see where this is going, have to learn to believe in themselves and their heritage to reign supreme.

Sounds familiar?  Here’s the thing … nearly every underdog sports story follows the same script.  And nearly every one is wildly successful.  Hoosiers?  Yes, the little basketball team beats the big basketball team.  Rudy?  He gets into Notre Dame, and plays in the final game, and makes a tackle, and gets carried off the field.  Miracle?  Heck, we all knew what happened in 1980 and yet we still cried when O.C. was cleared to play and the fake Mike Eruzione ushered all his teammates (in those terrible blue sweatsuits) to join him on the podium. 

Crooked Arrows embraces these storylines, but also showcases Native American culture and its profound influence on the sport of lacrosse, much like Bend It Like Beckham did so beautifully for Indian culture and gender roles (she gets the soccer scholarship, the boy and a glimpse of Posh and Becks while awaiting her flight to the States).

It will be exciting to watch Crooked Arrows next spring and look for scenes shot at the Academy, at St. John’s Prep in Danvers, and at other locations on the Northshore.  The athletes who will appear in the action shots trained here under legendary sports coordinator Mark Ellis, whose credits include nearly every sports movie one can name.  The location scouts, production team, and all others involved in the film have been wonderful to work with, and we hear that they think our campus is beautiful (we agree).  

If Boston truly is the Hollywood of the East, then this won’t be the last movie shot in the Commonwealth.  And we’re open to offers.  Have your people call our people.


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