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Jeanny Tejada ‘14

Welcome to The Governor Academy’s first SMART Team blog post! This year our team proctor, Judy Rokous (Chair, Science Department) experimented with splitting the team into two groups consisting of the new comers and the returners. The new group has delved indulgently into the protein Pla, the killer enzyme in the infamous bubonic plague. While the beginner group was hard at work researching and investigating Pla, the last year’s group was doing the same with Transthyretin and the mutations involved with it.  Transthyretin is a protein found in the blood that caries thyroxine. When a mutation occurs in this protein, the misfolding causes a malevolent fibrils that disrupts organ function. We are waiting to hear back from the labs in Boston University and are well on our way!

PS: We got new couches!

To learn more about the SMART team, please click here. SMART Team members will be posting updates and (hopefully) photos throughout the year!


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