Prague Update by Chris Bennett


We departed late at night and arrived in the Czech Republic in the afternoon. The principal picked us up and we went back to his house to freshen up and rest a little. Mr Falk, the principle of Riverside High School, and his family, live in the newer post communist era housing in the outskirts of Prague. That night during dinner at a local pub, we were all (mostly me) falling asleep in our meal. I was picked up by the Antblad family and brought to their home, Mei Li returned to the Falk’s and Mr.Hart went with the music teacher to his apartment.

The next day we toured the high school and sat in on some classes. That night after dinner the Antblads and I drove into the city and walked through the Prague castle grounds at night. Prague is a remarkable city by night. That weekend we toured Terezin, a walled city and small fortress used by the Nazis as a Jewish ghetto and prison for everyone from political prisoners to POWs. We also toured the former town of Lidice just outside of Prague. This town was one of the cities burned down to the ground by Hitler for vague reasons. About 20 people out of hundreds survived the destruction of their town. Today all that stands in the place of the former town is a couple foundations, a very moving museum and a collection of statues. The next Monday we attended classes and then left around noon for the Prague Zoo, which had an incredible assortment of cages and exhibits. Tuesday we went to classes in the morning and in the afternoon we went walking through Petrin Park and enjoyed a beautiful view of the city. Then at night we attended a ballet in the Prague national theater. I can tell already that it will be hard to return home after 3 weeks in this beautiful city.


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