Meet Student Blogger Number One: Isabel

For the spring season, two of our seniors are going to be sharing their thoughts, concerns, and reflections on the final few months of their time at the Academy. Some posts will be the about the same topic, while other times they will tackle different subjects. Regardless of the topic, hopefully this will provide a look into the lives of two seniors as they wind down their Governor’s careers.

For the past three and half years, I have noticed that I tend to get somewhat anxious when the seasons begin to change. Not because of the fact that I will have to restock my closet with the appropriate winter or spring attire, and not because it usually signals the end of a marking period when I will soon be receiving my grades. It is because it means it’s time for me to sign up for my new “afternoon activity.” For most students, this process is pretty painless and requires nothing but a simple email or discussion with his or her advisor. For me, it’s a different story.

My name is Isabel M. and I’m from Westport, Connecticut. I’m currently a senior at Govs and have boarded here since my freshman year. Over the past few years I have longingly searched for the perfect afternoon activity. I’ve tried just about everything from soccer and basketball to yoga and knitting, but none of these activities left me feeling particularly satisfied. This leaves me with the simple yet important question: what do I do? I have attempted to answer the perplexing question eleven times and have failed to find the right answer…eleven times!

About a week before spring break, I started to feel overwhelmed by that familiar yet discomforting feeling. Because it is my senior year and this spring season will be my last season ever at Govs, I wanted to make sure I chose correctly. How do I really want to spend my time? What kind of note do I want to end on?

I want to feel like I have done something productive with my last two and a half months at the Academy. Govs has been my life for the past four years and the time has flown by so fast I’ve barely had a chance to look back on my own experiences here, let alone share them with other people.

I finally knew what I wanted to do. This spring, as my afternoon activity, I will be posting on this blog. I will be writing about experiences I’ve had while at Govs, thoughts that have been provoked by classmates, teachers, convocation speakers, or friends, and my feelings that develop as graduation day approaches. So, I hope you read and enjoy my posts! I’m so happy I have finally found a way to contribute to the community.


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