Revisit Day, 2008 (?!)

Julia H. ’12
Merrimac, MA
Day Student

For the spring season, two of our seniors are going to be sharing their thoughts, concerns, and reflections on the final few months of their time at the Academy. Some posts will be the about the same topic, while other times they will tackle different subjects. Regardless of the topic, hopefully this will provide a look into the lives of two seniors as they wind down their Governor’s careers.

I sat in the overly crowded Geometry classroom struggling to understand anything the teacher was saying. Clearly, my middle school math experience had not taken me to this level yet. I sat the entire forty-five minutes without making a sound I was so nervous. I grew a little bored keeping my attention on the teacher, although truthfully, I was not focusing on anything he was saying. Instead, my attention was on the students sitting around the desks in the classroom. Thinking about how I would be going to school with these kids next year somewhat overwhelmed me. That feeling only grew when I made my way over to the Student Center after class, which was buzzing with students for break time. This was me during my revisit day to Govs four years ago. I must admit I felt a little lost that day which made me anxious for the beginning of high school. I had those typical scary thoughts of: will I make friends? will I be happy here? In fact, I’m feeling them again as I approach the start of college and the next chapter of my life.

It took me a while to get situated to the new environment of high school and find my niche at Govs, and this distressed me a bit. But the best advice for that is the classic cliché of “Be yourself!” Govs is place where it is easy to form relationships with everyone on campus, as long as one is open to being their self. Of course every school tries to sell their friendliness, but I truly mean it when I say the people at Govs are what have made my experience here memorable. Even being a day-student, the close knit community feel of Govs is something we can pride ourselves in. I will truly miss next year walking through a campus and being able to personally greet everyone I pass.


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