Attitude Change…

Isabel M. ’12
Westport, CT
Boarding Student

For the spring season, two of our seniors are going to be sharing their thoughts, concerns, and reflections on the final few months of their time at the Academy. Some posts will be the about the same topic, while other times they will tackle different subjects. Regardless of the topic, hopefully this will provide a look into the lives of two seniors as they wind down their Governor’s careers.

I was struck by something my psychology teacher, Ms. Ruhl, said to my class a few months ago. She said that when we return from spring break we would begin to notice a change among the attitudes of many of the seniors. She said it might be common to notice that we begin to distance ourselves from our friends. At first, I was confused by this. Why?

It’s because soon we will have to face the truth and admit to ourselves that things are going to be very different for us next year. We are no longer going to be together, living and working in the close-knit community we have become accustomed to and in very subtle ways, we will begin to withdraw to make leaving each other easier.

I guess most graduating seniors are ambivalent when it comes to this major change. It’s like you want to hold on but need to let go. Govs will always hold a special place in my heart and I know that many of my classmates feel the same way. It will go down in memory as the place where we grew up and had a lot of “first” experiences. The teachers, mentors, and staff who have guided us along the way as well as our fellow classmates will play a major role in our stories when we take those future trips down memory lane. But for now, I just want to enjoy and relish my last spring at Govs. I want to spend time with my good friends and keep making memories while the flowers bloom and the birds come back to nest, and the marsh waters rise and remember all things good about Govs.


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