New Meaning to “Service With a Smile”

Julia H. ‘12
Merrimac, MA
Day Student

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Volunteering for community service has been a prominent part of my time at Govs. There are many types of service offered that one can do. Like, Food Bank, Cor Unum, Special Olympics, or Cancer Walks, just to name a few. However, somehow my first experience volunteering at Cor Unum did not happen until last Sunday. I was a little unsure what to be expecting as I made my way to Lawrence with a few other Governor volunteers.

When I arrived, already a line of people were waiting outside for it to be dinnertime. My job that night was acting as a waitress serving dinner to whoever sat down at my table. Even with the many hours of service I had done, this was the first time where I truly got to interact with the people I was helping. Don’t get me wrong, I know when I sort though boxes at Food Bank I am helping, but I never honestly felt like I was making a difference. This time it was different.

This time it truly resonated with me that I am helping people with the hunger they suffer from. When they were done eating, almost all of my customers thanked me before leaving, and I know they genuinely were thanking me for volunteering and making it possible for them to eat that night. The hand shake one man offered me after his meal actually took me by surprise at first.

For me, it only took a couple hours of my time and mastering some waitressing skills (which I was terrible at) to help these people. I wasn’t even the one providing the food for them, yet the appreciation I felt being there truly made me feel as though I made a difference for the fifteen people who I served that night.


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