Julia H. ‘12
Merrimac, MA
Day Student

To see progress of the dining hall renovation and expansion, please click here.

For my friends and I, lunch is when all our socializing occurs. It is really the only time during the academic day that we all get to be together. So, like typical teenage girls, we crowd around the table gossiping and laughing the entire lunchtime. However, it tends to get a bit crowded when the clock strikes eleven-thirty five and there is a rush of students buzzing around the dining hall scrambling to fill their plates. On days when it’s chicken nuggets or grill cheese, the hot food station is very popular and the line ends up being out the door. It is a common complaint among the students that there are way too many people squished into the building, making it almost like a food court you would find at a local mall. Luckily, for the new and returning students, a new dining hall is underway to be ready in the fall!

Since the majority of the Govs population eats every meal here, adding a more inviting or family-like feel would be a welcome addition. I think it would bring our school community even closer together. Those times I share with my friends, telling funny stories about our days, wouldn’t have to end because it is suddenly too crowded where we are sitting. For future users of the expanded dining hall, I think a more welcoming environment is going to have a positive effect on the relationships formed in our community. I must admit, I am a little jealous that my fellow seniors and I will not be able to experience a renovated dining hall. Clearly we do not have the best of luck, but I know I will be back to check it out, and maybe even eat a meal!


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