Final Commute

Isabel M. ’12
Westport, CT
Boarding Student

I spent this past weekend at home with my family for Easter. On the drive down to Connecticut both my mom and I were struck by what a difference even a few hours can make in the season. We started surrounded by bare trees with just a few buds and ended surrounded by flowering trees and buds almost ready to burst. It was at this time that I realized this would be my last trip home before graduation, the last season change I would experience on my way to Govs. This would be the last commute I would make both ways.

The amount of times I have gone back and forth from Byfield to Westport, and Westport to Byfield is absurd. It’s crazy to think that this familiar drive will no longer be a common occurrence. My parents always joke saying the route is programmed into their car and they just put it on autopilot. Well, that will no longer be necessary.

It’s almost bittersweet. I am coming to the end of a chapter in my life and am anxious to start a new one. But, in a way, I will miss this trip. Although the ride may have been long and repetitive, it was a time for me to share with my mom and dad, no distractions. And, I always knew what I would be returning to when the four hours came to an end. Close friends, caring teachers, interesting classes, and a community so familiar to me it’s almost like home.

So, as I make this last trip back to Governor’s I can’t help but be somewhat sentimental. Although it’s exciting that next year I will embark on a brand new and very different commute, it makes me nervous that I don’t yet know how to characterize the new community I will be joining. I can only hope I will feel as comfortable and welcome as I do every time I return back to Govs.


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