Shipped Out? Not Exactly…

Isabel M.
Westport, CT
Boarding Student

Whenever someone asks me where I go to school, it’s never a simple and quick conversation.  At first, I simply say, “The Governor’s Academy,” kind of hoping they won’t ask me any further questions.  The response is usually something along the lines of, “Oh, I’ve never heard of it, where’s that?”  And then I go on to tell the person that I go to boarding school in Massachusetts. Being from a town where most teenagers go to the local public high school, most people seem pretty shocked when I say this. Some even continue on to say: “Wow, what’d you do wrong to get shipped away to boarding school?”

Boarders at Govs are provided with a very unique experience that most “outsiders” have difficulty understanding. We are given the opportunity to live and learn in the same environment and experience things together as a close community. Yes, we do not have our parents around every night to tell us to do our homework or to make us dinner, but instead we have an almost surrogate family, a few dorm parents, and a ton of sisters.

Of course, there have been many times I’ve wished I could fall back on my parents, my sister, or a friend at home. But with the strength I’ve gained from this community, I have been able to make many of my own decisions and have learned to accept the consequences. I often think about how different things could have been for me at this juncture had I not taken this path and instead, remained at home and followed my community “norms.” Having taken this path I have experienced growth and independence, and have been engaged, delighted, and fulfilled in the process.


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