One Community

Julia H.
Merrimac, MA
Day Student

The first question people ask when I tell them I go to Govs is, “Do you live there or do you commute?” However, I like to believe this answer does not define me. Rather the school is one community, not two separate groups of boarders and days. Although at times it may not seem like it, there is little divide between boarding and day students.

As a day student, there are certainly some perks of being able to leave campus and see my family every night. It is also a privilege to be able to watch television on school nights. I must admit, however, there are instances when I wish I did board at school. There times where I feel I miss out by not living in a dorm with other girls on campus.

On particular days or nights, I feel I lose out by having to go home when I would love to stay in the dorm with my friends. For example, it was the night before graduation of my freshman year, and I had just returned to the dorm with my friends after the Last Dance. I can remember sitting in my friend’s room reminiscing about our dance moves that night, and all getting slightly sentimental thinking about how this was everyone’s last night together. As it got later and later, I knew my mother would be picking me up soon, and I would have to leave campus with all the other non-boarders. I was jealous I was not able to be part of the big year-end sleepover in the dorm.

Situations like this can be hard to deal with, but ultimately, to me, are not worth stressing about. Both have their ups and downs, but in the end the school community is really made up of everyone who calls themselves a “Governor,” no matter their residential status.


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