Through The Facebook

Isabel M.
Westport, CT
Boarding Student

A few weeks ago, Ms. Boulais (Freshman Dean/Director of Student Activities) approached me asking if I would be willing to be in charge of the name cards for the Senior/Faculty Dinner in May. I gratefully accepted, and soon after I was presented with a packet of photos; photos of the Class of 2012 from the 2008-2009 Governor’s Facebook.

Looking at these pictures was a “blast from the past” and immediately sparked memories from my freshman year. I remember vividly sitting on the floor of my room in Nannie B. with a few of my friends, flipping through The Facebook in an attempt to know everyone’s name and face in the entire school. This book was the one connection we had to a new community we knew nothing about.

Now that our time at Govs is coming to an end, we will soon take a collective last glance at a piece of The Facebook; our own picture from freshman year. Looking at all of these photos has really made me realize how much we’ve all changed over our time here (and not just physical changes). People have matured and grown into themselves. They have discovered what kinds of people they like to be surrounded by and have found friends here who will forever be a part of their past. People have learned how to thrive in this unique environment while remaining true to themselves and have found both strengths and weaknesses in their abilities. A lot can change in four years, and a lot definitely has.

At the Senior/Faculty Dinner many memories will surface from just looking at a single photo. It’s a good note to end on; remembering all of the good times we’ve had here at Govs while looking forward to the next four years of new memories to be made in college. Best wishes to the Class of 2012!


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