Deposit Made…

Isabel M.
Westport, CT
Boarding Student

It is finally over. The daunting task of filling out college applications, flipping through books and browsing the internet for what we think will be the “perfect fit,” and meeting with tutors to practice for the dreaded SAT. AP courses are winding down and those nights staying up way past our bedtime to finish our homework or study for a test have hopefully come to an end (at least until college). The college process, whose end always seemed so far out of reach, is finally over.

Now that May first has reared its head, many of us seniors have come together and let out a collective sigh of relief. As we take this breath, however, we are confronted with new anxieties and concerns. We are about to enter a whole new chapter of our lives with no idea what to expect. Many of us are looking forward to a new experience but at the same time it’s the unknown that’s making us anxious. Who will I be living with next year? Will my classes be challenging? What about my professors? There’s an endless list of questions I could ask but no one can tell me the answer. I won’t truly know the answers to these questions until I see for myself.

Although thinking of these things may make me uneasy, they are a part of the whole process. I know I’m not alone in these feelings and knowing that we are all going to be in the same position next year makes me feel a little bit better. After all, college is about experiencing new things and being pushed out of our comfort zone, right? I sure hope so!


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