Morning Meeting

Isabel M.
Westport, CT
Boarding Student

I often take it for granted. Those mornings when I wish I could just shut off my alarm and get back in bed only seem to get harder as the year comes to an end. For the past four years, my Monday’s and Friday’s have started off the same way: at around 7:40 every morning I push aside my window curtain to see a line of my classmates piling into the PAC for morning meeting; I know it’s time.

We often complain about our early wakeup call, saying the announcements were “pointless” and could have easily been outlined in a simple email. But, in my opinion, Morning Meeting sets a certain tone for the entire day. This provides us with the opportunity to start our day off on a good note; being greeted by our classmates, friends, and faculty while hearing about the exciting upcoming plans and events coming to campus and acknowledging some community members’ recent achievements. One particular Morning Meeting tradition I will never forget is “Monday morning Kudos” in which Dr. Quimby distributes Kudos bars by throwing them into the crowd to members of our community whom he feels deserve recognition for their notable efforts and achievements.

Although, at times, it may seem more appealing to use the fifteen minutes of allotted time for Morning Meeting to get some extra sleep or studying done, it is a time for our entire school to come together as one. It is a time for sharing and connecting and I am grateful that it has always been this way. I know that even though next year I will appreciate a few extra minutes of sleep with my new college schedule, I will miss Morning Meeting and the cheer it brought to my day.

At most other schools, it is a rare occurrence for the entire community to come together. To be all together in one room, sitting amongst classmates, friends and faculty probably won’t ever happen when I’m in college. It’s important that I appreciate it now, instead of wishing this precious, unique type of time away. I don’t like Morning Meeting because it’s finally a time for me to give announcements about things I had been waiting to share with the school. I like it because it’s a time for me to listen. I sit back in my chair and simply listen; to my classmates, teachers, headmaster and anyone else that has something to say. Although it may get old after a few years, I’ve realized that it’s going to be these times that I’ll miss when I leave Govs. It’s these times we spend together that shape and form our community into what it is today. 


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